Advertising and Promotional Videos

Effective, powerful videos to promote events, products and businesses.

Promotional video produced for Townsville Startup Weekend held in November 2014. Used to promote the second event held in November 2015. Filmed in partnership with Roslyn Budd from Budd Photography. Edited and produced by Liz Lorelle. Music by

This short video was created to showcase the process of making a cup of tea. The video aimed to portray a calming style and draw the viewer’s attention to each the mindful, meditative practice of making a cup of tea. Music by Song Title: 12 Mornings.

This short video was created to showcase a peaceful morning at Rossiter Park along the Ross River in Townsville. The video aimed to portray the peaceful, calmness of the early morning and the activity in the park as well as on the river at that time. Music by Song title: Clouds

This project incorporated creating animated typography and graphics to a sourced narration. The aim of the project was to create an animated sequence that graphically expressed the narration. Narration by Steven Dempsey.

This project was created as an advertisement for the Asus ProArt computer monitor. It incorporates animated graphics integrated with the video to appear as part of the real scene. The animated graphics display technical specifications of the computer monitor. Music and Logos by Asus.

This short video series was a collaborative project created with Christine Hermann, Crystal Kong, Brendan Hume and Dwayne Wyles. My roles in the project incorporated directing and producing the videos, filming, editing, animation and project management. The series was hosted by Vicki Salisbury from Yoga in the Parlour. It was created for Vicki as well as the interviewees to promote their businesses and their work. Music by Dwayne Wyles.